Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Birth-Few Childhood memories

I was born in Ranibennur, now in Haveri District(then in Dharwar District). I recollect being at Motebennur, as a kid(3-5 years), playing in and around a church. I can recall church, its surroundings and few people in long robes. Motebennur brings me back memories of evening Bhajan sessions every day at a close by Basaveshwara
Temple. Perhaps my Mother sent me to the Bhajan sessions so that I don't disturb her. Amongst all the people gathered for the Bhajan I was the youngest and was encouraged to sing, play any instrument around. Tabla and Khanjeer were my favourites. Just pushing the air into the harminium was also pass times to see he movement of the animal hide through the holes. The animal hide/skin was reachable, soft, the movement hrilled me with each push. The bhajan sessions got my sense of music and rhythm, which remains with me and I cherish.

Muddi's House with few children of my age was just opposite to ours and no one stopped us from running in, around and out of it. Few hiding places gave us chalk powder(Sunna) marks on our skins and clothes, some elders were always bothered to take those marks off from us. Muddis grew lots of groundnuts and paid for seperating the nuts from the plant and also nuts from the shell. I did this happily to earn/get my first fruits/nuts of labour.

My sisters and Mom tell me, that I got lost in a train at Byadgi, was found next day. My mom still narrates how much she cried when I was lost. I was able to speak, I perhaps gave description enough for finders to locate my origins.

They tell me that I was popular in Motebennur for singing Bhajans and my Mom's school functions gave me an opportunity to publicly show my talent. I think, some assistant teachers wanted to please my Mom(then Head Mistress)by asking me to sing. I was also to be the Krishna holding a flute surrounded by the Gopikas in a dance sequence. Standing on one leg holding the flute was painful through their practice sessions.

I also remember Kaka and family, Kaka was a tall, slightly dark, well built man who owned a Hotel next to my house and his son Basavaraj.

My Mother working as a Head Mistress of Kannada Primary School got transfered to Hirekerur, then we moved there.

An Update: I visited Motebennur recently and took a picture in the Basaveshwar Temple, also noted that the temple was built in 1894. I also met son of Basavaraj and his family, he runs the hotel now.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well, I have written starting in school magazines to publicly read newspapers, magazines. To make a beginning to blog was some what holding me for a while. The instant publishing was some thing that held me back, as opposed to getting to see the written word, again and again to edit. I had to begin, somewhere with something, to put all the social metrics fear away and to "JUST WRITE"
This is New-First-Start. Some where, some one, some time and further every added to all the three-has to start with either fear or confidence. The dillemma leading to NO-Start.
I will perhaps read this first one again and again, as my friend Maruti (Basu Medicals) says, "we make videos of all events in our life in our memory, some we keep for rewind and play and replay,most of these replays will have sensitivity bottons, which may change with age"
Maruti is a friend with no common field except that we became friends and have remained so. I will love to share about some of these friends in life in my coming posts.