Thursday, June 24, 2010

Om Google-aya Namaha

“In search” a collection of ghazals by Jagjit Singh, “In search of Excellence”an excellent book by Tom Peters and others, all searches fascinate me. If there is offering that the internet will always need,that will be “search” period. Song, Book, partner, business, career and many more.

Search for information, call it by another name/names, Search, exploration, pursuit, hunt, quest, investigate, seek, pursue, chase, detect, track down, it boils down to just that. Search has always been the question for which our answer has been progress and development.

In ancient times there have been defined ways to get knowledge, through which you attained the goal of life”Mukti” . The path of knowledge was available through

1. Books/Vedas: Vedas or all forms of writings gave a person the knowledge that was needed to attain his goal. Books advised some practical aspects to say that “I am not enough”, which then opened the vistas of other forms in which knowledge was available to be obtained.

2. Teacher/Guru: The Guru was a human form of delivery of the knowledge along with help and guidance available all the time. The teacher would solve and resolve all the doubts in the minds of the pupil to attain knowledge. The important aspect of the Guru-Shishya relationship was to surrender and seek.

3. Interaction with People: This was another way, knowledge was said to obtained, People will share their experience, wisdom, knowledge and pass on when you interact with them, It is possible to learn by observation, then do and learn, here the power to observe, absorb and learn is very important.

4. Travel: travel/Deshantara is given a lot of importance, people with wisdom are said to be well travelled. Many artists, performers, traders, business people, athletes who travel often benefit from the knowledge of the travel. In travel, your observation is keener and learning is better.

5. Contemplation/Dhyan: This is way to ponder, think through the learnings of all of the above. The power to think, extrapolations accrue as the thinking sets in.

Now go to the internet and open a browser and type and look at all the possible ways to gain knowledge. Is it another vista of knowledge or is it a combination of all. Recently launched “Google Books”, Online Gurus are available through, videos through “You Tube” and many other sources. Calender, Docs, GTalk, Q&A sessions, online queries are all possible ways.

Travel, go to Google maps, visit on earth, under water, over sky and where else. Search for a job, travel, leisure, entertainment, partner, business associate, business requirement, vendor, all that “MATTER”s.

Hi Google, what is your idea for contemplation? May there is one, I am not aware or it is in the labs somewhere in the IT parks of Bangalore waiting to be launched.

“Om Google-aya namaha”

Friday, June 11, 2010

Music, Skill, Dance, Colour and Football World Cup-South Africa

All eyes on South Africa, the music, dance, colours all residing in there, Foot Ball world Cup begins today. A wonderful country South Africa put together a great show and the show of skill of the participant countries to follow now. More than calling any country a favorite, the spirit of such event, the country participation makes one's heart swell with pride.

The moment to be there, participate and sing along the National Anthem along, when it is played is a great moment of national pride. How I wish that India is there to participate soon in the coming Foot Ball world cups, one to put the system together with a clear objective to qualify to participate with timeline. Also once qualified have the only commitment that allow the team to be sent to represent the nation and nation only.

India has lost a wonderful opportunity of playing Cricket in Asiad Games taking place in November, 2010 in China. It would be when the national anthem would be played, India had every chance to win a medal. It would also would have been a great experience to participate along with other sports and perhaps feel the national pride, just for the National pride only.

The sport, National pride triumphs.
Hi, South Africa, Celebrate the sports with Music, Skill, Dance and cherish the memories.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DH Headline "Bhopal's Second Disaster"

"Bhopal's Second Disaster", Deccan Herald's headline captured it all, you could not have read, heard anything better as a headline for the injustice that poured and tore the nation through poisonous gas leaked 25 years ago.

The difference between Kasab and Keshab is that, one is with the gun, the other is without, both killed. The tragedy at Bhopal is no less than a the Mumbai attack. It also represents the legal system that we have, where for mass murder, the punishment and the penalty is negligible.

Media coverage of the judgement and analysis is so poor that they seem all doctored and all of the print and broadcast media seem to have a agenda other than serving a cause. Hello TRP are you listening?

I recall a prayer and pray, oh God, "Let my country awake".

Friday, June 4, 2010

BCCI-Not sending Team for Asiad Games in China

The sixteenth Asian Games also known as the XVI Asiad is to be held in Guangzhou in China from November 12 to 27 this year. There are about forty-two events scheduled for this edition of the Asian Games including Cricket. The Board of Cricket Control of India is not sending a team to participate in the Asian Games stating reasons of international commitments. BCCI has done a lot for Cricket in India and also the organized way in which the commercials have been managed, also the way in which they have built spectacle around the sport is worth emulating for any sport.

The fact is that BCCI has benefited itself, the consumer product companies, broadcasters to a large extent, players, state boards, event management companies, a host of administrators and managers. Once in a way there is an opportunity to represent the country in true sense to win a gold medal, a national pride, such an opportunity is given away by BCCI.

  1. Firstly does the team represent India or BCCI?
  2. The fact is that BCCI is an independent body, not answerable to any direct constitutional authority of India, not under Sports Authority of India but wields more power and has loads of money.
  3. BCCI is under ICC, which is headquartered now in Dubai. Why Dubai?
  4. BCCI signs up contracts for playing or broadcasting with only profit as the sole motto. Suppose, Cricket is to be represented at Commonwealth games as happened in 1998, BCCI may or not send the team or send a second class team to represent India, now for Asian Games
  5. The broadcasting rights of India matches rake huge sums, as the viewership for Cricket is highest in the World.
  6. The sports culture in India is driven by Idol worship
  7. The idol makes the money and the dependent bodies make money, if the idol has huge crowd pull.
  8. The sports persons are pulled by Advertisers, sponsors for monetizing this idol worship.
  9. The players, managers, coach are all under BCCI contracts, which pays them the money, obtained through broadcasting, stadia rights etc.
  10. When Packer of Australia went on to create what we call as one-day format, the existing bodies of cricket made hue and cry of it.
  11. The channel which gets the broadcasting rights will try to maximize revenues through key matches which pull maximum viewership (India,Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka).
  12. The channel may find other channels buying coverage in winning countries or extension of footprint in that country, Eg., Sony may soon have maximum footprint advantage in Bangladesh.
  13. The other sports channels, who do not get broadcasting rights of the key tournaments, start/create similar tournaments with different sponsors, ICC Trophy, Champions Trophy, 20-20, IPL, Tri-series are all examples of such tournaments.
  14. Nearly 80% of the cable and satellite homes would have watched India, Pakistan, if these countries had entered the entered the Super-8 stage. Nearly 4 times of the highest TRP ratings for any programme on television.
  15. The premium charged for Super-8 matches if India and Pakistan played would have been 100% by channel.
  16. The stakes are very high for the broadcasting channels after buying the rights to maximize the advertisement airtime.
  17. The competition who failed to obtain broadcasting rights could be “Spoil-Sport” in many cases, in winning or losing matches of key countries, where viewer ship is high.