Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ashwini Ponnappa and Jwala Gutta win Gold for Badminton Doubles in CWG

Ashwini Ponnappa and Jwala Gutta win Gold for Badminton Doubles in CWG, the news spread far and wide, we were all cheering for India and for Ashwini and Jwala. Ashwini is daughter of MA Ponnappa, this write up is to congratulate the father, family, daughter and her partner.

MA Ponnappa is a proud father of Ashiwini Ponnappa, his chest would swell with pride for the achievement of his daughter, Ashwini from current world ranking of 82 and Indian ranking of 11, to go on to win the Gold for Doubles with partner Jwala Gutta, at Commonwealth Games is a great achievement. They trained hard, especially with all that Jwala went through, the motivation probably was stronger to be known for medal rather than anything else. They pair excellently, the combination of amazing net-play and the back field cover is a treat to watch. Some shots of Ashwini was just not negotiable, the speed at which the shots came were counted as fastest shots. The final was announced, people watched glued to the television watched the pair move from strength to strength. The moment came of victory after hard toiled game, the pair made India proud.

When Ashwini was born on 18th September, 1989, Ponnappa may not have imagined that his daughter would be as good an athlete/player that he has been.

A senior at School, Lt.Col. BGV Kumar shares his view "Ponnu as some of us called him back then was a gifted sportsman. Any game came naturally to him. Ponnu and KV Basavaraj could have been a part of the Brazilian foot ball team or a part of Indian hockey team back in 1968/69! Ponnu could execute a scissor kick with perfection on the football field as a 12 year old boy!" As Somashekhar Basappanavar and Shashi Albur put it, He has been unique during those days to date, he could take up any game and excel in it; Inter-house competitions would be as fiercely fought battles and Ponnappa enjoyed every sport. May be if there was sports like Badminton, Tennis and Swimming during those times in the School, he would have gone on to become a world class player even before Ashwini, as what his friends reckon. He even now forms a part of RBI Hockey team.Above all,he is a thoroughbred,unassuming and a down to earth human being.In school team, his presence in the left wing,along with the solid right back Brahmendra and KV Basavaraj on the right wing and Shashi and Somashekhar bought laurels to the school team.

MA Ponnappa, Congratulations on your daughter's success. 

 Ashwini has also been awarded Karnataka Rajyostava Award for Sports Excellence. 

Ashwini Ponnappa

Ashiwini Ponnappa

India's Ashwini Ponnappa (L) and Jwala Gutta (R)

Ashwini and Jwala

God Bless you Ashwini, MA Ponnappa, his family and Jwala Gutta.

We are proud of you.


MA Ponnappa’s address once was
MA Ponnappa,
Roll Number. 167,
Sainik School