Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Colonel's political lesson

Dilip Vengsarkar does not know to play the game, surprised, not this one, the game of elections. Cricket was his game, During his days, his bat would stamp authority, amass runs, his bat would do the talking, even the wiliest bowlers feared his work of art with the bat. He has faced many a bouncers, googlies, in the cricketing world. Elections of the association is a different game, he lost his wicket on the home turf, recently lost the elections he contested for the position of President, Mumbai Cricket Association. Dilip has played excellent innings as batsman representing India along with Sunil Gavaskar and likes. His records are definitely worth looking as great contribution to Indian Cricket. He contested for the position of President of Mumbai Cricket Association, Vilasrao Deshmukh as opponent. Deshmukh is a seasoned politician, he has won many elections and the game of election is not new to him. He is not playing cricket, need not play cricket to win a cricket board election, as it is won by voting and not by batting and he knew the game of winning elections means amassing the support of the more number of voters than his opponent.

Lesson for Ex-cricketers need to know some politics as well. Their cricketing abilities, contributions to the game , noble intentions are never under question, winning board elections is a different game, it requires the ability to muster support of the members of the board who vote can only ensure a victory. There is need for the former players to know the board members, build ongoing relationships before contesting an election. Anil Kumble contested the elections at Karnataka State Cricket Association, he formed a competent team, made his intentions well known, so the others who wanted to contest created space for him. He very well knew his chances when he made an announcement, but then Anil is a fighter, he doesn't like loosing, he ensured the support of the mighty, powerful and not so powerful. He campaigned his vision to every member of the board. No body had any doubts about his intentions and love for cricket.

Board games, Democracy, politics, new stance for the Colonel. Who are the members of the association, the majority are not players, please note.

Go on Colonel don't loose heart, there will be next match, know your opponent, take guard. You will play like you played at the Lords. ALL THE BEST.

Congratulations Vilasrao Deshmukh, engage Dilip Vengsarkar, use your victory for the game.

This post is also about talent, new talent that will be needed at changing times.