Friday, September 17, 2010

Capt.Gopinath-Simply Fly- Baanallu Neene, Bhuviyallu Neene

Is there anything new you can write about Capt.Gopinath, his success and his life story has become darling of story tellers/writers in the media and also in Business Schools around the world. There has been plenty of paper and many more in digital forms spent writing about the achievements of Capt.Gopinath, his life.

Now you can fly in his book, "Simply Fly" pages and instances are like seats of his flight, you have to find your right seat, you seat yourself, tighten your senses like seat belts and you takeoff to understand and learn the intricacies of hardship, spirit of an entrepreneur, the unending zeal to achieve mission with a great passion. Just as you are about to enjoy the flight, he fills the journey with no frill narration, his life as he grows up from a village boy and moves on to become a pioneer in the field of low cost carriers in India.

Beyond what a village boy transformed a sector of economy in one of the fastest growing economies of the world. He set his eyes on an unchartered path, his journey has left a large scale transformation for the aviation sector in India. Business schools across the world continue to study the first mover, game changer, path breaker, so on and so forth. Capt Gopinath has moved on from the field and left a undeniable imprints in the aviation sector. The sector has progressed so fast from early 2000, when he first took imagination to reality to "Simply Fly"

Despite the changes that brought about increased passengers the aviation sector in India is going through rough weather due to high aviation turbine fuel prices, rising labor costs and acute shortage of skilled labor, The rapid fleet expansion, and intense price competition has created more need for innovations like that of Air Deccan. The problem has also compounded by new players entering the industry even before the existing players could stabilize their operations. The recession didn't care less about the already troubled weather of our civil aviation, which exacerbated all these factors, hit. Indian aviation industry has been more resilient than its global counterparts. The common man can still take his bag and his umbrella to the airport, aviation has become affordable with check fares and discount schemes, operators started to try with different business model, the growth foreseen in the Aviation Industry should help the overall economics to work well. More trips per person per annum will let the aviation industry take off in the right spirit.

Only people like Capt.Gopinath can get his vision right even in such scenario, the potential demand with growth in Indian economy, meant that air cargo is expected to grow and there are limited Indian players with dedicated flights. So Capt takes another flight now cargo. There is now improvement in airport facilities, parking bays,air traffic control facilities and takeoff and landing slots. He still is targeting around a 3000 thousand tonnes of air cargo, Capt Gopi has large shoulders and a lion heart, now in a better position to take on the world backed by timely investments and wise people around him.

Son of the soil he is, Son of Air, he is "Baanallu Neene, Bhuviyallu Neene, a common man sings, Nannallu Neene"

God Bless you Capt.Gopinath, my dear Ajeet, you could be a non-believer, We believe in God and many believe you can, you will, you are meant to reach greater heights. We are proud of you.


His address once was GR Gopinath, Roll Number. 50, Hoysala House, Sainik School Bijapur-586102

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