Saturday, May 8, 2010


There were couple of tragedies that took place during the past few months. Not that these tragedies were totally new, unexpected. Of these tragedies, if someone were to plot occurrence, type, people injured, deaths etc, only the place, type, number of people injured/deaths changed. Tragedies did happen.

How do we respond to tragedies, we heard, learnt, we are shocked, we react. Online, we pass it on, at times, we respond online. Our online sharing of news, images are akin to sharing jokes without the humor to our network.

Our sensuousness and responses to human tragedies have to do with awareness, capture, leading the capture, share the creation with network of friends and colleagues. There are also petitioners creating signature malas to be sent to President of America and to the President of India etc. The system grudged ones keep doing this many times, some have caught the fancy of forwarding them all the time to everyone their mailbox has access to. The chain of these email malas, are many many times longer than our queues of people waiting for their turns to vote. I wonder, if any/some of these messages/petitions really reached their addressed and desired destinations (I don't mean the email id collectors).

Have we got into "Online and Not Available for Action" (ONAA) syndrome, Have the mobiles, our screens robbed our actionable selves. Have we misunderstood that being online and spreading message is action.

In corporate, my recent interaction with my colleague and noted that in his "TTD" Things To Do list, most items were about mailing someone, few with work done status. The FFWDs, Fast Forward, button is fast becoming "Action Item".

We will keep getting news about some tragedy like pedestrian loosing his/her life by vehicle accident. The reason is the honking was unheard as the earplugs were on, or the focus was on hearing conversation on the mobile. What changes us, does it? Do we warn our co-passengers/friend to turn off his mobile while driving. Our social caution antenna has better reception than out risk aversion. Some may affect us, some pass on as news item, through newspapers, TV replays/repeat telecasts.

We live, enjoy being a social animal and saying "not my turn yet". I enjoyed a ride one day along side a friend, who had couple of drinks more than permitted by law. He happily said, "I enjoy driving after a drink and am better". Quick to add was another friend in similar state, who agreed and said from back seat, "I am never drunk, so driving is not a problem, Can I".

Another FFWD item in the making.