Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anil Kumble-Gentleman of the Gentleman's Game

Anil Kumble has done all things like a gentleman, when the world was talking about why he does not turn the ball enough, he just took wickets to silence great critics of the game. When his form and ability to take wickets was being questioned he stuck back with wickets. He played with unboken spirit and some times with broken jaw, with full heart before some heartless spectators and commentators. Cricketers accross the world respect him for his competitive spirit. There is no huge animated personal celebration when he takes a wicket. There is a just a smile and satisfaction of having achieved. Smiling Assasin and Jumbo were also his names. He has stood besides the WALL (Rahul Dravid) and travelled along the MYSORE EXPRESS (Javagal Srinath BABU).
This post does not record his achievements in numbers, like wickets, runs scored, captained, won, lost, averages etc. This post is to record the ups and downs of a sports person, who stood testimony to all criticism and remained rock solid with his sheer determination and sporting abilities. A GENTLEMAN.

Sports spectators want their heroes, here is Anil Kumble, who like a character actor, stole the show at times from the heroes, represented the pains and humilations of the team, his face always read the opposite of opponents score board. The determination you felt when you saw him, the generation has been lucky to see the emotions of Anil Kumble, everyone has a lot to learn from the way he moved, his expressions, all body language. All competitive, yet a perfect gentleman.

Karnataka Cricket team has been one of the strongest teams in the "Ranji Trophy" Elite Group. This team has good record in the "Ranji Trophy" tournaments. The dillemma that Anil Kumble had was how could he play for any other team other than Bangalore, Karnataka and India. Perhaps Anil belongs to a generation of professional cricketers who are still attached to the teams in wholehearted spirit. He perhaps cannot play for any other team other than Bangalore, Karnataka and India. He hung his boots in time, Gentleman.

The Karnataka team flourished with the availability of players in 1995/96 seasons, the team comprised of players like Rahul Dravid, Javagal Srinath and Anil Kumble. The team has also won 4 "Irani Trophy" tournaments. Team India has 5-6 players from Karnataka Anil, Rahul, Srinath, Venkatesh Prasad, Dodda Ganesh, Somasunder, Joshi, Bharadwaj who would be among the 16 at a point in time. Anil has been there, was the piller of strength to all. A great gentlemanly approach for a fellow state person.

Anil now is the president of KSCA, the association always been blessed with good administrators, now it has a team that comprises of Anil Kumble, Srinath, both of them have played long enough for Karnataka and India to know, what needs to be done. Mind you, not too many cricketers make this choice of serving an Association, as they could get more lucrative offers for their cricketing skills, commenting, coaching and many other skills. Anil and Srinath made a choice different from other cricketers and also a bit too early for an administartive posts. The beauty of their understanding of these positions is that these are not decorative and administartive positions but places that demand action. That's the reason they have chosen to be there. Another gentlemanly act.

Anil Kumble has been part of Indian Cricket Team, he is also amoungst the most gifted, as he could articulate the contract terms for players, he along with few other senior players negotiated terms of contract for players with the Board. A gentleman in approach.

He has a great number of friends in the cricketing fraternity who have benefitted in different forms, when they are not playing. Karnataka Cricket is a like family, the people who played in the team yester years have not made as much fortune as the current breed. There is a strong bonding, support mechanism, which helps people in need. A lot of these initiatives are bourne out of the gentleman.

The gentleman has a cirle to his name at the heart of the city in Bangalore, ANIL KUMBLE CIRCLE, Anil Kumble has come a full circle.

Wishing Anil Kumble success with his business(TENVIC), KSCA (President) assignment,, RCB Think Tank.

The Gentleman Jumbo has left large shoes to fill in cricket.

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